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During the 2008 financial crisis, purchasing decisions seem largely guided by a fear of volatility in the stock market and the possibility of recession. Today, we face those same fears.

In uncertain times, people get concerned about their safety. For retirees, financial safety is vital to their very future. Outliving your money is truly more relevant than “spend it now, ‘cause you can’t take it to the grave.” At Northstar Financial Advisors, our objective is to consolidate your savings and create a vehicle that both gains money while keeping it safe from the uncertainties of the stock market and the potential for a recession. Our goal is to provide a guaranteed income source for your retirement.

We are the anti-risk advisors.

One thing that’s worth noting is that bigger is not always better. There is value in a personal relationship with the people you do business with, whereas with a big organization you’re one out of several thousand. Work with a smaller organization, like Northstar Financial Advisors, where you’re one out of a few hundred, and develop a relationship that extends way past “normal office hours.” I have driven to clients’ homes to deliver paperwork. I have visited clients in the hospital. I answer calls at all hours of the day/night. Not because I am chasing business; but because I care. I encourage you to call us today to schedule your free complimentary appointment.


Our Founder


Hello, my name is Patrick Munro, The Founder of Northstar Financial Advisors.

I have clients in over 16 states and I have been in business since 1999. My office consists of two people: myself and my assistant Mandy Hilton (who is licensed as well). I make all my own calls, run all my appointments, write my own applications, and do all my own follow-up calls. I am the founder of Northstar Financial Advisors, where I provide the knowledge to my clients for a safer and longer-lasting retirement. I consider myself Semi-Retired because I make my own schedule and work less hours so that I can enjoy the rest of my “senior years.” I travel 3 months out of the year. My personal goal is to visit every country (so far I have traveled to 142 of the 195). That’s why my assistant is always in the office. She is extremely efficient and dedicated to our clients. She has created a separate function of our company that she calls “elder advocacy.”

I have watched too many beloved clients fall victim to the same story: work their whole life, never enjoy it and die from an expensive/ long drawn-out illness. I have also seen the opposite: those that live their life to its fullest – but run out of money in the process! Everyone’s situation is unique – just like they are. Just like everyone’s idea of a perfect retirement is different. But the first step is calling me and making an appointment. I look forward to developing a relationship with you out of trust and prosperity.

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