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In finances, like in all things, knowledge is power. The more you know about your financial management and retirement options, the better decision you will make. The team at Northstar Financial Advisors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is proud to offer free seminars to help our clients and the general public educate themselves on the choices they have available. If you find yourself asking questions like “what is an annuity?” or “how much money do I need to retire?” then come to our seminars and get the answers you need. We know that once you’ve gained the valuable information we’re offering, you’ll feel more secure in your financial decisions.


At Northstar Financial, we hold informational seminars and insurance sales presentations for our clients and the greater community that feature information on a variety of specific topics. These topics include wealth preservation for making sure the money you’ve saved over your lifetime stays safe and secure. Another topic is retirement income strategies, where we’ll explain some methods for continuing to create income after retirement.

Often, our seminars include guest speakers and special activities, as well as take-home materials. We hope that these seminars can be not only informative but exciting and fun as well. We strive to keep you up-to-date on issues that matter to you, your family, and your financial well-being. Feel free to schedule a one-on-one, no-obligation meeting whenever you attend a seminar and insurance sales presentation.

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